The Orchard Greens’ Night Golf is a unique night golfing experience! Unlike other courses that require specialty golf balls and other visual aids, our course is lit so brightly, you can play with your normal golf ball.

We use state of the art powerful field lighting equipment to ensure our course is lit up like a pro sports field ready for evening play. If you’ve ever seen an evening football or baseball game, you understand how exciting this experience can be! If you haven’t, well it’s time you come down and try it for yourself.

Night Golf is also a great alternative to those with daytime work hours who cannot make it to the course for a morning tee-off. Find yourself getting too warm while you play during the summer? Sunburn easily? Enjoy the evening breezes and cooling weather as the sun goes down.

Finish off your experience with a refreshingly cool beer.

When is Night Golf?

Night golf starts in June and will continue through to October. Lights are on until 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!

Price per 9 holes is $28 plus tax.

Interested in Night Golf on other evenings? We can book groups other evenings. Get in touch with our Pro-Shop for details.

Contact our Pro-Shop to book, email us or click below to schedule your play today!

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